Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Changing Faces

From the page:
"I like going onto my friends Facebook page, taking photos of him, changing his face slightly then putting them back up on Facebook.  He doesn't like me doing this."

[EDIT] For some reason this is the maximum size that I can get the picture to show in blogger.  Original image size was 600x2727 meaning you could red James' reactions.  If you want you can go here to see the original.


  1. lol thats prety fukn good sux i cant really read the captions

  2. @dgrphx - yeah I know, for some reason blogger won't let me make the image larger.

    You can see the original, which is big enough to read the captions, here:

  3. Lol

    I wait on my blog supporting BRO!!!

  4. lol
    good blog!
    i like it

  5. They're all different pictures. Prolly close to no editing involved.
    Look at the second to last one. On the right image there's a screen on the left, on the left pic you can't see it because it's out of the camera's view.
    Good trolling, though~

  6. HAHAHAHAH looks great man, your friend is famous now.

  7. lol I love subtle wind ups like this

  8. better if he didn't know it was happening. still funny

    Following and supporting

  9. Very cool pictures, I like the subtle editing you have done. Great post.