Monday, January 24, 2011

New Blog: Nippon Nation

A friend of mine has just started a new blog called Nippon Nation about Japan and all things Japanese.  As he says in his first post, he's not a weeaboo lol, and hopefully he should have some pretty funny content on there, so check it out at

Also, I was going through my followers (reached 30, woohoo!) and a few of my followers don't seem to have a blog under their if you have a blog and I've failed to follow you back thus far, I apologise and just post a comment to this post with the name of your blog and I'll check it out soon!

Thanks again for all the support guys.


  1. It gets kinda annoying not knowing who followed u last and cant find their blog.

  2. i just call it unfortunate if they don't have their blogs in their profiles. learn2blog, and all that jazz.

    nippon nation is a very white webpage.

  3. I followed him, because you followed a friend of mine :)

  4. Gonna check out his site and follow along. Thanks for bringing it up!

  5. The land of the rising sun, A majestic symbol to those involved.

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  6. Don't really care about Japanese stuff. :p

    And, if someone doesn't have a blog listed... sucks for them. But if they leave one on the comments, I'll follow it back. It makes it easier actually.

  7. @forkfantasy & jonwinters

    Yeah you are probably right, if they don't have it together enough to list their blog in their profile then tough luck

    I definitely check out and follow anyone who posts their blog in the comments as well.

  8. Hey Hom, thanks for promoting my blog over here! Of course I'll do the same for you :D. Loving your blog as ever and following of course.