Thursday, January 20, 2011

IGA Turd

So recently the New South Wales government has instituted some new laws in relation to the sales of cigarrettes.  Among the new rules is the following:

"Tobacco retailers are restricted to selling tobacco products, non-tobacco smoking products and smoking accessories from a single point of sale in each retail outlet. This means that these products can only be sold from one cash register in each premise (although it does not mean that the same cash register must be used all the time)"

As a result all shops that sell cigarettes and have multiple cash registers now have a sign near one of the registers saying "Tobacco sold at this register only".

I went to my local IGA supermarket today to buy a pouch of tobacco and only one of the four registers had a cashier.  Unfortunantly this was not the designated cigarette counter.  The following interaction ensued:

Me: Hey mate, could I have a 30g pouch of champion ruby, tally-hos and super-slim filters please.

IGA Turd: I'm sorry sir I'm unable to sell you cigarrettes from this register, cigarettes can only be sold from that register. (points to relevant register)

Me: Well could we go over to that register so that you can sell me the tobacco please?

IGA Turd: I'm sorry sir I am assigned to this register, the cashier who is assigned to that register is currently on a break.

Me: Well why can't you just make this the register that you sell cigarettes from for today?

IGA Turd: Unfortunantly, sir, that is against the law.  If you would like to wait for the other cashier to come back from her lunch break she will be able to sell you the cigarettes.

Now I happen to work at a store that also sells cigarretes and I am aware that what this little turd has told me is complete BS, in fact you can change which register you sell tobacco products from at any time as long as there is only one register at a time supplying such products.  I advised the cashier of his error, but he unfortunantly would not listen and kept insisting that in fact I would have to wait for the other cashier to come back from break.

As my time is too valuable to waste on such trivialities i eventually exited the store, drove 10km up the road to a service (gas) station and bought my tobacco products there.

But seriously IGA, WTF?

Perhaps not the most amusing anecdote but it pissed me off, and from my experience things that piss me off are usually pretty funny to others.  What do you think?

The guy on the left reminds me of the retard I was dealing with


  1. That's such bull. Probably just a lazy tard not willing to do anything other than overcharge people for crappy product.

  2. meh, more and more employees like this can be seen at all companies. Lowering the standard for lower wages maybe?

  3. Wtfck, if I was a smoker I'd smack that fucker (in my head lulz)
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  4. Governments are so stupid. Following you now

  5. Law Making and Corporate implementation at its best

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  6. My luck I don't like cigarettes anyway!

  7. That's such a load of BS. I work in retail and nothing is beyond doing unless you don't want to.

  8. I would not call it amusing funny. But it is weird funny, and that makes it somewhat interesting.