Thursday, January 20, 2011


I am an animal lover.  There is no doubt about that, I love all animals great and small and hate to see any harm come to any of them.  That being said, I have always been much more of a dog person than a cat person.  Cats fundamentally have an attitude problem.  Don't get me wrong, I've met some very nice cats in my time, but even the nice ones have this air of superiority about them.  It's as though I'm supposed to feel lucky to be graced by their presence.  

When I was a child we had many dogs and cats as I was growing up, replacing them as they died and pretty much always having 2 of each.  Most of the cats were reasonably nice, except for one, Gooby.  Gooby was a bitch.  I remember as a child our other cat Tiddleick was nice and friendly and would let me play with him and pat him and put his tail in my ear pretending it was a telephone, but Gooby would scratch anyone who came within half a meter of her.

I remember asking Mum why Gooby was so mean, and Mum told me it was because she had been abused before our family adopted her and so she was scared of humans.  I felt really bad for Gooby when I heard that, but not for long.

New neighbours moved into the house next door and before long Gooby was showing her face around less and less.  Half the time she would'nt even show up in the evening for food and Dad became worried that she was out hunting native animals in the bush at night.  Then one day were over at the neighbours house, and there's Gooby sitting on the neighbours couch, placid as can be, being patted by the neighbours daughter.  Scared of humans my ass!  When we voiced our surprise to the neighbours they said they just thought this cat was a stray who had started showing up looking for food.  They started feeding her tinned tuna and other goodies and so she returned more and more often.  Gooby wasn't afraid of people she just didn't like eating canned cat food.

And thats what I mean by attitude!  Who do those goddam cats think they are being picky.  They're lucky we give them food, and they should be grateful and unconditionally loving just like dogs.

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  1. Your picture pretty much sums up your posts, but cats are really temperamental aren't they, haha.